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Photometrics PVCAM Setup

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Installs the PVCAM driver for Windows 7, 8 and 10

PVCAM Highlights:
Supports the New Iris family of sCMOS cameras.
Includes PCIe device driver version 3.26.404 that improves the reliability of Prime-95B data transfers over sequences longer than 10,000 frames. Requires Prime-95B firmware 19.27 or newer.
PVCamTest application now supports latest cameras and latest camera features.
Fixed an acquisition timeout for cameras that support Variable Timed Mode on USB interface. (Retiga R-series).
Improved RsConfig tool, no longer requires administrator rights.
No new PVCAM SDK is required for use with the new PVCAM runtime.

Photometrics社의 PVCAM Setup 파일 링크입니다.
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