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SFX-33 > Optika Microscope

SFX-33 요약정보 및 구매

Educational stereomicroscope, Designed For Simplicity & the Youngest User

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Educational stereomicroscope, Designed For Simplicity & the Youngest User

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Binocular, 45º inclined
Wide Field 10x/20 mm
Selectable 2x-4x
Fixed arm with handle
Working Distance:
1W LED with touch control for light intensity adjustment - rechargeable battery.

Designed For Simplicity & the Youngest User

  • ?Small and basic, robust and reliable
  • Incredibly bright 1W LED transmitted and reflected illumination
  • Rechargeable batteris for long-term and on-site use
  • Focusing system with coarse focusing knobs
  • Rapid, convenient magnification selection via 2-magnification turnable objective
  • Exclusive touch control for illumination settion (on selected models)
  • Easy trasportation, lightweight and comfortable handle (on selected models)

Exclusive Touch Control for illumination Setting
?Discover a new way to quickly regulate both the transmitted and incident light on your stereomicroscope.

Simply click on the dedicated button to find the most suitable light intensity according to your needs and preferences.


High-Point Eyepieces

All the OPTIKA SFX Series stereomicroscopes are equipped with high-point eyepieces, designed in such a way

that the pupil can be further away from the eye lens and thus they are well suited for eyeglasses wearers.


Cordless And with Rechargeable Batteries

Cordless microscopes with rechargeable batteries can be run as a plugged-in microscope using the recharger,

Or as a cordless microscope, being very versatile as they can be used in any location.

Rechargeable batteries are included.


Easy Transportation, Lightweight And Comfortable handle

OPTIKA edicational stereomicroscopes have been engineered to be extreamely practical not only during thier use,

But even when they have to be moved from one place to another and when the have to be stored after observations.


상품 정보 고시

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제조자 상품페이지 참고
세탁방법 및 취급시 주의사항 상품페이지 참고
제조연월 상품페이지 참고
품질보증기준 상품페이지 참고
A/S 책임자와 전화번호 상품페이지 참고


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