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[Discontinued]Mightex`s Dense Pixel Polygon400 (DP) 요약정보 및 구매

For using UV light source

제조사 Mightex
원산지 USA
브랜드 Mightex
모델 Dense Pixel Polygon400 (DP)
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For using UV light source

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Polygon400 Models



Mightex Systems offers several Polygon400 models that have been designed with different features to meet the needs of a wide-range applications that use patterned illumination. Please see below for all available Polygon400 models.a0f8485a80e0388d5e355d359454685c_1522303






The Polygon400 DSI-DP is a flexible solution for UV patterned illumination, as this patterned illuminator can be used with any lightsource that accepts a 3mm core lightguide. Unlike the DSI-G, the DSI-DP has been optimized for UV illumination (350-700nm) applications such as, uncaging and photopatterning. In addition, the DSI-DP provides high-resolution illumination with a smaller field of view.


Key Applications: Optogenetics, Uncaging, UV Photopatterning, Photoconversion







Key Product features


Target Applications (for more detail information, just click the Picture)





DMD Based Patterned Illumination




The Polygon400 uses digital mirror device (DMD) technology to illuminate multiple regions simultaneously. A DMD is composed of thousands of micro-mirrors that can be individually turned on to let light pass through. Thus, you can control each mirror to control the area(s) of illumination to create any number of different sized shapes.







Microscope Integration


The Polygon400 is designed to be coupled into the infinity space of any microscope model (Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss) with Mightex’s microscope-specific adapters. Please see below for different microscope coupling methods for the Polygon400, depending on the specific setup/microscope model.



Upright Microscope ? Infinity Path


The one- or three-position Polygon400 microscope adapter is inserted in between the microscope and the trinocular head of the microscope. The Polygon400 is inserted into the microscope adapter.

Compatible Models: All Models 


Inverted Microscope ? Infinity Path

The ring Polygon400 microscope adapter replaces the epi-illuminator on the back of the microscope. The Polygon400 is inserted into the microscope adapter.

Compatible Models: All Models



The MPI allows for both Polygon400 and a widefield illumination source (via lightguide) to be coupled to the microscope simultaneously. This solution allows users to couple a Polygon400 and widefield source to an inverted microscope, or an upright that does not have an epi-illuminator.

Compatible Models: Polygon-E, Polygon-G Series




The Polygon400 can be converted to attach to a spare camera port, if other equipment occupies the infinity space.

Compatible Models: Polygon-E, Polygon-G Series


The Polygon400 can be converted to attach to the Nikon LAPP system.

Compatible Models: Polygon-G Series







For more technical details and specifications, please check: ? 


i) White Papers https://www.mightexbio.com/resources/white-paper/
 (1) Pattern Optogenetics for Neuroscience  https://www.mightexbio.com/resources/whitepaper/patterned-illumination-neuroscience-whitepaper/
 (2) All-Optical Imaging and Optogenetics https://www.mightexbio.com/resources/whitepaper/imaging-and-stimulation-neuroscience-whitepaper/
 (3) Cell Biology Optogenetics https://www.mightexbio.com/resources/whitepaper/patterned-illumination-cell-biology-whitepaper/

ii) Application Notes https://www.mightexbio.com/resources/application-note/
iii) Publications https://www.mightexbio.com/resources/publications/


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