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[Discotinued] Evolve® 512 > Photometrics

[Discotinued] Evolve® 512 요약정보 및 구매

The new Evolve® 512 Delta EMCCD Camera

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상품 기본설명

The new Evolve® 512 Delta EMCCD Camera

상품 상세설명

Extremely sensitive, high speed imaging from 67 to >3000 fps

*Fastest acquisition rate for a 512x512 EMCCD Camera

*Lowest read noise available for a high-speed EMCCD camera

*Superb EM Gain and Bias stability enabling truly quantitative measurements

*Most accurate and fastest EM calibration technique in the industry

*Available with exclusive eXcelon™ technology

*Two year complete camera warranty

*LightSpeed™ mode for extremely high speed ROI acquisitions - New! 

Photometrics Advanced Features



 Maximizes quantitiave measurements by converting intensities to the number of
 photo-electrons measured at the sensor.

 Background Event Reduction Technology®

 Improves image quality by removing spurious single-pixel events. The threshold is  software controlled.




 e2V CCD97

 Array Size


 Pixel Size

 16 x 16um

 Single Pixel Full-Well


 EM Register Full-Well





 IEEE 1394a (FireWire)

 Read Noise (e- rms)                            Without EM Gain                     With EM Gain
20 MHz EM Port                                        75e-                                               <1e
10 MHz EM Port                                        65e-                                               <1e
5 MHz Standard Port                                  18e-
.625 MHz Standard Port                              6e-


Bias Stability

A measurement of the camera stability when no light hits the sensor.                    ≤0.001 ADU/Frame
A slope of zero would be ideal. See footnote #1.


Linearity                                                                                  >99%


Field Uniformity
The image quality of the EMCCD is assessed for gradients.                                 20 MHZ EM                   1.065        

 A complete lack of any gradient (i.e a flat image) would provide                           10 MHZ EM                   1.003

 a numerical value of 1.00 See footnote #2.                                                         5MHz                            1.012

                                                                                             .6?25MHz                         1.008


Stabilized Cooling Temperature                             Air cooled (@ ambient air 20˚C) - Standard                   -75˚C

?                                                                      Liquid cooled (@ ambient air 20˚C) - Optional               -75˚C


Dark Current                                                                                                0.003 e-/pixel/sec (See footnote #3.)


Background Events
(20 MHz, 1000X EM gain) Standard operation                                                     0.002 events/pixel (@ 1000X EM gain)


Parallel Shift Rate
The shift rate is optimized for maximum frame rates                                              0.200 mseconds

while providing extremely high charge transfer efficiency

 and minimal generation of clock-induced charge


Triggering Modes                                                                      Trigger first
Hardware triggering enables synchronization between                                        Strobe

many different system components. All triggering modes                                      Bulb

 are supported in overlap and non-overlap                                                        SMART Streaming (See footnote #5.)
read out modes





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