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InVi SPIM 요약정보 및 구매

The Inverted View Light-Sheet Microscope

제조사 Luxendo
원산지 Germany
모델 InVi SPIM
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상품 정보

상품 기본설명

The Inverted View Light-Sheet Microscope

상품 상세설명



The InVi SPIM is the first commercially available inverted light-sheet microscope.

It is perfectly suited for a great variety of samples and applications raging from cell culture to whole embryos (e.g. Drosophila and Zebrafish)

  • Inverted microscope optimized to image your most delicate biological samples
  • 2 lens geometry (1x detection, 1x illumination)
  • 1x Nikon 25x/1.1 NA water immersion/dipping
  • 2x Hamamatsu Orca Flash 4.0 v3 (sCMOS)
  • Up to 6 laser lines (diode, DPSS) from 405 to 685 nm
  • Full environmental control: temperature, CO2, O2, humidity (SMC chiller/heater, ibidi gas mixer)
  • Sample accessible from above, no rotation
  • Easy to keep sample sterile

Illumination and Detection

The InVi SPIM can achieve a resolution down to 255 nm in xy, enabling subcellular resolution in living samples free of phototoxic effects.
A Nikon CFI Plan Fluor 10x W 0.3 NA water immersion objective lens projects the light-sheet on the sample. Detection includes a high numerical aperture Nikon CFI Apo 25x W 1.1 NA water immersion objective lens.
An additional magnification changer results in 31.3x and 62.5x total magnification for field view and sampling adjustment according to your experimental needs.

Illumination Optics

  • Chromatic correction from 440 to 660 nm
  • Light-sheet generation by beam scanning
  • Flexible light-sheet thickness (2 µm to 6 µm)
  • Nikon CFI Plan Fluor 10x W 0.3 NA water immersion objective lens


Detection Optics
  • Nikon CFI Apo 25x W 1.1 NA water immersion objective lens
  • 2 spectral detection channels, each equipped with a fast filter wheel (10 positions and 50 ms switching time between adjacent positions)
  • Filters adapted to the selected laser lines
  • 2 high-speed sCMOS cameras Hamamatsu Orca Flash 4.0 V3
  • Maximum frame rate >80 fps at full frame (2048 × 2048 pixels of 6.5 µm × 6.5 µm size) and up to 500 fps at subframe cropping
  • Peak quantum efficiency (QE): 82% @ 560 nm

Sample Holder
  • Trough of FEP foil allows separation of immersion water and sample medium
  • Sample is dropped into trough and held by gravitation
  • No agarose, glue, … required
  • Partnered with ibidi to create a disposable chamber

Precise and Stable Environmental Control 

Temperature accuracy
  • Immersion medium
  • Chamber lid
  • Range: 20 - 37°C
Gas-concentration management
  • CO2 and O2 dosage unit
  • Range: 0 – 15% (CO2) / 1 – 21% (O2) 
Humidity control
  • Gas humidifier with feedback control
  • Range: 20 – 99%


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품명 InVi SPIM
모델명 InVi SPIM
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제조국 또는 원산지 Germany
제조자 Luxendo
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