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X-Cite mini+ Compact 요약정보 및 구매

X-Cite mini+ Compact, LED Illumination System

제조사 Excelitas
원산지 USA
브랜드 X-cite
모델 X-Cite mini_Compact
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X-Cite mini+ Compact, LED Illumination System

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X-Cite mini+ Compact, LED Illumination System 

The X-Cite mini+® is the new go-to white-light LED light source for fluorescence imaging applications. High-power performance, compact size and economically priced, the X-Cite mini+ is the perfect choice for routine fluorescence imaging. Designed with the latest in LED technology, the X-Cite mini+ provides higher power to the sample plane than any of our previous direct-coupled systems. Offering two models with a choice of UV wavelengths (365 nm or 385 nm), labs have the flexibility to choose the one that works with their preferred or existing DAPI filter sets. X-Cite mini+ is also available for online purchasing at Digi-Key.com. 

The X-Cite mini+ comes with built-in controls and includes intuitive fingertip control with speedDIAL, hands-free operation with a foot pedal, and USB and TTL inputs for automated applications. X-Cite mini+ has a 20,000 hour warranty; no lamps to change, no mercury disposal fees and no light guides to replace. With energy-efficient LEDs and the advantage of instant ON/OFF to minimize power consumption, the X-Cite mini+ fits into any research lab’s “go-green” strategy.

Features and Benefits:

* LED Technology: Efficiency, stability, instant ON/OFF, long lifetime, mercury-free

* White Light Excitation: Excitation of commonly used fluorophores such as DAPI, CFP, GFP/FITC, YFP, mCherry/Texas Red, and Cy5

* Direct Coupled: High power excitation

* Multiple Control Options: Simple operation through USB, TTL or speedDIAL

* Small Footprint: Minimal space requirement; less bench-top real estate used

* Optimized Thermal Management: Maximum LED output, lifetime, stability and reliability

* X-Cite Coupling Optics: Efficient optical output and uniformity with highest performing coupling optics


Power comparison at specimen plane using standard filter cubes. X-Cite mini+ exceeds the performance of X-Cite 120LEDmini across the visible spectrum. 




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품명 X-Cite 120LEDmini
모델명 Fluorescence Illumination
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