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X-cite Xylis (LED System) 요약정보 및 구매

The X-Cite® XYLIS LED light source provides intense output and a broad spectrum which rivals arc lamps.

제조사 Excelitas
브랜드 X-cite
모델 X-cite Xylis
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The X-Cite® XYLIS LED light source provides intense output and a broad spectrum which rivals arc lamps.

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The X-Cite® XYLIS LED light source provides intense output and a broad spectrum which rivals arc lamps.  Finally, researchers are able to enjoy the benefits of LED technology without compromising on price, flexibility, or performance. No more hesitation, no more excuses.

Brightness of an Arc Lamp 


Specially selected LEDs built into the X-Cite XYLIS are  powerful enough to replace arc lamps on both compound  and stereomicroscopes. Compared to other LED products, specimen exposure and scanning times can be reduced, improving image quality and increasing productivity. X-Cite XYLIS’ impressive output and low maintenance can help breathe new life into under-used microscopes and make better use of laboratory resources.


Broad Spectral Coverage 


X-Cite XYLIS is designed with more LEDs than previous X-Cite models, improving and extending spectral coverage for excitation from DAPI to Cy7. Spectral highlights include:
 * DAPI - Two X-Cite XYLIS models are available to provide a choice of UV excitation. XT720S has a 365nm LED for a closer match to arc lamp output and compatibility with the narrow 365 DAPI filter sets which come standard in most     microscopes. XT720L has a 385nm LED for use with sensitive specimens and 385 DAPI filter sets which are becoming increasingly common.

 * TRITC/Tx Rd/mCherry  X-Cite XYLIS incorporates Excelitas’ patented and award-winning LaserLED Hybrid Drive® technology, utilizing high efficiency lasers to excite a phosphor layer and generate light from 500nm to 600nm. The     resulting intense, broad peak ensures plenty of power in this critical part of the spectrum.  
 * Cy7 - X-Cite XYLIS is the only broadband LED source to include a 735nm peak for Cy7 excitation. Labs no longer have to choose between the benefits of LEDs and keeping their spectral options open. 


Flexibility to Suit Application Needs 


 In addition to its powerful output and broad DAPI to Cy7 spectral range, X-Cite XYLIS offers the ultimate in flexibility options are standard. Delivering light through a light guide alone or with a choice of more than a dozen microscope adaptors, X-Cite XYLIS can be installed on just about any new imaging system or used to retrofit the microscopes labs have depended on for years. Offered in two models with a choice of UV wavelengths (365nm or 385nm), labs may choose the one that is suitable for their preferred or existing DAPI filter sets. A “UV Off” mode permits the UV LED to be disabled when not required at all, protecting sensitive specimens and extending light guide lifetimes. 


Exceptional Control with Built-in Options 

When it comes to control options, all are built-in to every  X-Cite XYLIS - each system includes manual fingertip control with speedDIAL, hands-free operation with a foot pedal, as well as USB and TTL inputs for automated applications.   

X-Cite XYLIS’ ergonomic speedDIAL can be placed where it is most comfortable for individual users. Designed with a large speed-sensitive intensity dial that doubles as an ON/OFF button, controlling illumination is quick and intuitive. With a simple double tap on speedDIAL, users can quickly jump to a favorite intensity setting, as well as know the current intensity setting regardless of room lighting conditions via speedDIAL’s backlit display. 
Take full advantage of LED instant ON/OFF capability to limit photobleaching and phototoxicity with ultra-fast PC control or TTL triggering. X-Cite XYLIS can be driven by commercial imaging software, and an SDK is available for developing customized control solutions 





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